Wisconsin Superchargers & HPWC's

Mauston, WI (Supercharger  6 Stalls)

Great small Rural America town. While it is a small town, their is still a bit to do. Supercharger is located in being the Culivers in the Culivers Restaurant's Back Parking Lot. Drive carefully or you can easily miss it!. Culivers has great food, and Great Ice Cream!  Next door is a St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store. Stop in and find yourself a bargain! Also next to the Supercharger is a McDonalds. Or stop in the Red Geranium Gifts & Collectables, I hear they also have great Cider! http://redgeraniumonline.com/
Across the street is Hearty Platter Family Restaurant. They have GREAT All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes served 24/7.
If your looking to spend a bit more time in Mauston then just charging, their are 2 lakes, lots of Biking trails, Bowling, Golf, Riding Stables and MORE. I recommend seeing WisTravel for specifics.
If Excitement and family adventure is your thing, scroll down to Wisconsin Dells, The Midwest's Biggest Tourist City! (HPWC Available in the Dells & It's only 20 miles South of Mauston!)



Onalaska, WI (Supercharger   6 Stalls)

Onalaska, WI. Plenty to do here. Located within short walking distance of the supercharger, are numerous Restaurants and Stores & Strip Malls. Across the street is a Mannies Mexican Restaurant as well as a Outback Steak House & Buffalo Wild Wings. Next door is a Home Depot & Wal-Mart. Within Driving distance (after your charge) their is a Olive Garden & Old Country Buffet (Recommended for quick meal as no waiting to be served, and their clean, and tasty!).
For longer stays in Onalaska, their are a number of hotels, Like Microtel, Beaumont. Activities include Biking, Bird Watching, Wildlife reserves, Canoeing & Kayaking, Farmers Markets, Fishing, Golfing, Hiking, Hunting, Museums, Aquatic Centers; and don't forget the Wine, Cheese & Brewery's!
Recommended site for local information: http://discoveronalaska.com


Pleasant Prairie, WI (Supercharger 8 Stalls)

Pleasant Prairie, WI. A nice quick stop between Milwaukee & Chicago. Pleasant Prairie is home to the Pleasant Prairie Outlet Mall. A rather LARGE Outdoor mall. Lots of shopping and places to eat. I recommend the Chancery across the street from the mall, and if your looking for nice, clean accommodations for the night, try the Radisson.
More information on the Outlet Mall may be found HERE.


Wisconsin Dells, WI (HPWC & Major Tourist Location)

Can't Beat Wisconsin Dells, WI if your looking for Fun and Excitement, or Just plain old Family Time or Relaxation. Their is no Supercharger IN the Dells. However, The Sandrift Resort has NEMA 14-50 Outlet, and 2x Tesla HPCW's (Coming soon, Equipment has arrived, waiting on Installation) and is the only Level 2 charging location in the Dells. It is also family friendly, one of the last affordable accommodations in the area.
In the Dells, you'll never run out of things to do. Boating, Skiing, Swimming, Mini-Golf, Regular Golf, Theme Parks, Water Parks, Go Carts, Restaurants of every type! Oh, did I mention the Dells also features some ELECTRIC GO CARTS! WOW!
Recommended travel site is: http://Dells.com

Madison, WI -State Capital (3 Supercharger Stalls)

The Madison, WI Supercharger is conveniently located in the parking lot of Madison's East Town Mall across from the Food Court, right off the Freeway. At this time, their are only 3 Supercharger Stalls, so SC Congestion is possible. Please plan accordingly as their may be a wait to get a supercharger.
Madison, is also Wisconsin's State Capital. With a never-ending supply of thing to do, shopping, numerous restaurants, pubs, events, sporting events, bike rentals, you could spend a week here on vacation. Recommended site to visit is www.VisitMadison.com for more travel information. Personal recommendations for eateries: Hometown Buffet (5 minute walk from the Supercharger) and The Journey Chinese Buffet (about a 5 minute walk as well).





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