Current Additions: New WI, Il, IN & OH Locations!

Welcome to Supercharger Travel

With the growing number of Tesla Superchargers, and businesses installing HPWC's (High Powered Wall Chargers), long distance travel VIA Electric Vehicle has not just become a thing of the future, but now Possible & Happening! Our goal, at is to Visit Each, and Every Tesla Supercharger in the USA & Canada, and to then provide you with what's around. That includes nearby Restaurants, Hotels, Attractions, Shopping and Much Much More!

The primary focus will be at each Supercharger, secondary sub-locations will include Destinations that have Tesla HPWC's and other High Powered charging options.

Please stick with us, we can only visit one Supercharger at a time ^_^

We are also accepting Videos from the Tesla Community, Please visit the Contact Page to contribute! Site will constantly be growing, so be sure to check back regularly!






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